Thursday, August 30, 2012

Surprise {Disneyland} Vacation

Surprise!  Brandon and I surprised Chloe with a three day trip to Disneyland!  When we told her, we were so excited, and she just responded, "Oh."  Not exactly the reaction we were looking for...Here are a few highlights of each day:

{Day One}
1.  We barely made our 6:30am flight.  We got to the gate right as the airline was wrapping up boarding. Phew!

2.  Princess Merida - Chloe was in princess heaven!  She was beyond thrilled to meet her new favorite princess, Merida.

3.  Splash Mountain - This is Chloe's new favorite ride.  She is a little daredevil for sure!

{Day Two}
1.  Lunch at the Blue Bayou - We had the chance to enjoy lunch inside of the Pirates of the Carribean ride.  It was super yummy and so fun to be in that atmosphere.

2.  Arial's Undersea Adventure - Chloe loves this ride.  She is also conviced that Brandon is madly in love with Arial!  So funny!

3.  Desitin - Brandon accidentally brushed his teeth with desitin as we were hurrying to get to Disneyland early in the morning!  It was totally hilarious!

{Day Three}
1.  Cars Land - The new Cars Land is AMAZING.  It was super crowded, but we were able to get fast passes for the Radiator Springs Racers ride.  We love this new part of the park!

2.  Rain Forest Cafe - We had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney.  Chloe was scared the entire time because she didn't want it to rain on her mac 'n' cheese.  After dinner, there was a DJ outside the restaraunt.  Chloe danced her little heart out!

3.  Main Street USA - Chloe loves Main Street USA.  As we were leaving, Chloe started crying because she loves Disneyland so much.  Silly girl!

It was a really terrific trip.  We had such a wonderful time.  It is so fun as a parent to see the magic through your child's eyes.  Chloe says that all of her dreams came true because she was able to go to Disneyland!

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